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Previous Episodes:

Ep. 40 – Wall Street legend Joe Moglia’s next act & RWM’s Bill Sweet on President Biden’s tax proposals

Ep. 39 – The Telhealth Revolution feat. Andrew Dudum and Frankie Stella

Ep. 38 – “The Next Big Thing” and NFTs, Rising Rates feat. Mark Fisher & Joe Terranova

Ep. 37 – The Burning of Black Wall Street feat. Tim Madigan

Ep. 36 – My New Crypto Investment & The money revolution is here feat. Greg King & Tyrone Ross

Ep. 35 – The Options Market is a Circus & The History You’ve Never Been Taught feat. Dan Nathan

Ep. 34 – Wall Street’s First Black Millionaire & the Case for Buying Silver feat. Shane White & Peter Boockvar

Ep. 33 – Pigs Get Slaughtered & Doing the Work feat. Rachel Robasciotti

Ep. 32 – How America Invests feat. Barry Ritholtz & Vanguard’s Ryan Barrows

Ep. 31 – Good at the Cyber feat. Crowdstrike CEO George Kurtz & EMJ Capital’s Eric Jackson

Ep. 30 – The Stock Market is Heartless feat. Allison Schrager

Ep. 29 – Have Some Fun in ’21 feat. Douglas Boneparth & Eddy Elfenbein

Ep. 28 – Custom Indexing is a Tidal Wave Coming at the Investment Business feat. Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Ep. 27 – Brian Wesbury’s Dow 35,000 call feat. Brian Wesbury & Ben Carlson

Ep. 26 – Scaramucci returns to Wall Street feat. Anthony Scaramucci & Rob Arnott

Ep. 25 – Here Comes the Digital Dollar feat. Representative Patrick McHenry (R-NC) & Marc Rubinstein

Ep. 24 – The Portfolio Puzzle of Our Lifetimes feat. Bob Haber & Meb Faber

Ep. 23 – The Year-End Melt-Up feat. John Roque & Joe Terranova

Ep. 22 – “I’ll Invest After The Dust Settles” feat. Nick Colas & Brian Portnoy

Ep. 21 – The Most Powerful Man in Washington Stays Put feat. Tony Dwyer

Ep. 20 – A history lesson for 2020’s new traders feat. Hadi Yousef

Ep. 19 – My Election Bet with Barry Ritholtz feat. Phil Haslett

Ep. 18 – Losing money is the coolest! feat. Ben Carlson & Dasarte Yarnway

Ep. 17 – Too much money, nowhere to put it feat. Professor Tim Duy & Joe Terranova

Ep. 16 – This is what IPO Nirvana actually looks like feat. Kathleen Smith & Jay Heller

Ep. 15 – The Suburban Housing Boom is Just Getting Started feat. Logan Mohtashami

Ep. 14 – What if he doesn’t leave? feat. Linette Lopez & Bill Sweet

Ep. 13 – Why Markets Crash in the Fall feat. Morgan Housel

Ep. 12 – The Biggest Threat to Your Favorite Tech Stock feat. Byrne Hobart

Ep. 11 – Six Lessons from Pandemic Summer feat. Michael Batnick WAYT

Ep. 10 – The Comeback on Main Street feat. Chris Volk

Ep. 9 – The Roaring 2020’s feat. Dr. Ed Yardeni & Michael Batnick WAYT

Ep. 8 – Why stock splits disappeared from our lives feat. Peter Boockvar

Ep. 7 – How to invest in TikTok feat. Brendan Ahern

Ep. 6 – This is the best word I could come up with to describe investors today feat. Larry McDonald

Ep. 5 – Universal Basic Income is inevitable feat. Michael Batnick WAYT

Ep. 4 – Whats Poppin feat. Vitaliy Katsenelson & Noah Kerner

Ep. 3 – Technology is taking over the Real Estate sector too feat. Michael Batnick WAYT

Ep. 2 – Closest to the customer vs. suppliers feat. Jannick Malling

Ep. 1 – Revamping the podcast feat. Michael Batnick WAYT