Berkshire Hathaway’s Willingness to Kill

I’m poring over the just-release 2014 annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders today and, as usual, I’m finding nuggets of wisdom on every single page. One really interesting bit I wanted to pass on concerns a crucial benefit that their conglomerate structure offers. In countering the idea that Berkshire should break itself up or spin off…

This Week on TRB

Cartoon by MStreeter, Savannah Morning News These were the most read posts on the site this week, in case you missed them: 

Why Housing Stocks are Going Llama Right Now

This is the iShares US Home Construction ETF. It’s broken out above its prior peaks and is up 9.3% in the month of February. Why? What’s going on? My new piece at Fortune takes a few guesses, read it here: 10 reasons the housing market could go ballistic this spring (Fortune)  

The Death of a Broker

Irving Kahn, the Manhattan money manager whose astounding longevity enabled him to carry firsthand lessons from the Great Depression well into the 21st century, has died. He was 109… In 1928, working as a clerk at the Wall Street brokerage Kuhn, Loeb & Co., Kahn heard about a trader named Graham who seemed to know…

Mark Your Calendars: Benzinga FinTech Awards Gala this April

If you needed an excuse to come to New York City this spring, have I got a great one for you: The inaugural Benzinga Financial Technology Awards Gala on April 8th 2015. Jason Raznick, Kyle Bazzy and Co are putting together an amazing event showcasing all of your favorite investing, trading and asset management tools….

Five Tips for Savvier Consumption of Financial Media

A reporter working on a story about financial media asked me to contribute five tips for a sidebar on how consumers can be savvier in their, well, consumption. Here’s what I came up with: 1. Remember that everyone has a bias or agenda. Everyone (me too! and you!). 2. Don’t confuse someone else’s time frame…