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Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham calls Elon Musk a ‘wonderful propagandist’ and warns home prices will fall 30%. Here are the best 10 quotes from a new interview  (Makrets Insider)

The best financial strategies for surviving a recession in 2023 from 3 top advisers (

Ritholtz Wealth Taps Vanguard Veteran as New President (Think Advisor)

Josh Brown and Barry Ritholtz rock-star culture and rocketing growth in one RIA so they hired Jay Tini to manage the paradox (RIABiz)

Ritholtz Wealth Management hires its first company president (Investment News)

$2.8bn Ritholtz Wealth names Ex-Vanguard sales exec as president (Citywire)

Ritholtz Wealth Management Appoints Industry Veteran Jay Tini as President (Business Wire)

What to Make of the Industry’s First ‘Wealth Festival'(ThinkAdvisor)

Future Proof spent ‘millions’ and got a ‘gazillion permits’ in 2022 and the VC-backed ‘Reformed Broker’s’ festivus is on track for 10,000 attendees by 2025 (RIABiz)

Josh Brown: ‘I don’t care what the NBER says … if people don’t get fired, then it’s not a recession’ (MarketWatch)

Ritholtz’s Future Proof festival isn’t just a day at the beach for wealth management (Investment News)

Tesla, TikTok and taquitos: On the beach at the world’s first wealth festival (Los Angeles Times)

Michael Batnick: Crushing It With Content (Barron’s)

The Secret Behind TV Hit ‘Billions’? Hanging Out With Billionaires, Say Its Creators (Forbes)

‘Moms Are Cool’ program offers free financial counseling for mothers impacted by the pandemic (CNBC)

Your father’s stock market is never coming back (Fortune)

House Financial Services Committee schedules market volatility hearing (MSNBC)

Barry Ritholtz and Josh Brown Won’t Predict The Market, But They’ll Talk About Anything Else. (Barron’s)

The 11 Best Business Books of 2020 for Advisors (

Josh Brown says money can buy happiness if you invest right. Here’s how you need to build your portfolio (CNBC)

Josh Brown and friends tell you what they own in new investing book (CNBC)

‘I’m getting lit up on TikTok!’ A candid conversation with Josh Brown (Investment News)

Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2020 (Investopedia)

How Josh Brown and Other Financial Pros Invest Their Own Money (ThinkAdvisor)

Josh Brown: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is nearing ‘the mother of all re-ratings’ (CNBC)

FT 300: Investor uncertainty spells boon for US financial advisers (Financial Times)

RIAs In The Time Of Pandemic (Financial Advisor)

Stocks Are Up But The Economy’s Down (NPR)

Content is the future (Barron’s Advisor)

The 2020 IA25: Joshua M. Brown (Investment Advisor)

Financial advisor: Most important factors regarding allocation (CNBC)

Op-Ed: Here’s how to safely take money from your retirement account under stimulus bill (CNBC)

Some RIAs Vow To Keep All Staff In Place (Financial Advisor Magazine)

How a Riskier World Has Me Rethinking Investment Risk (New York Magazine)

Josh Brown says rushing into the market is like eating junk food (CNBC)

Downtown Josh Brown’s budding media empire seeks to upend traditional wealth management (MarketWatch)

The Good, Absurd, and Absolutely Reckless Super Bowl LIV Prop Bets (Ringer)

The father of the yield curve indicator says now is the time to prepare for a recession (

Traders punish Schwab, TD, ETrade for move away from commissions (Investment News)

Inside the World of New School Wealth Management (Bloomberg)

U.S. and China say they’ll resume trade talks (MSNBC)

What’s really happening when markets react to trade war news (Marketplace)

The Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2019 (Investopedia)

Josh Brown: Sometimes the best returns come from CEOs you’ve never heard of (CNBC)

Ritholtz relaunches robo with Betterment’s backing (Citywire)

FT 300 list: the top US registered investment advisers in 2019 (FT)

Josh and Barry Tweet Like Crazy. Are They Revolutionizing RIA Marketing (RIA Intel)

Trump lashes out at Mexico as officials begin tariff talks (CNBC)

Josh Brown: Keeping ‘animal spirits in check’ is good for long term… (CNBC)

Digital Assets Data raises $6 million to be the Bloomberg and Github of cryptocurrency data (The Block)

Facebook CEO treated user data as bargaining chip (MSNBC)

Josh Brown: The US has never imported a recession and the consumer is ‘on fire’ (CNBC)

Has the quarterly client newsletter become old news? (Investment News)

Actually, consumers love Big Tech, even if they say they don’t (The Hill)

This bull market has hit the 10-year mark. Will it keep raging or will bears spoil the party? (LA Times)

Trump admin to roll back Obama-era payday lending rules (MSNBC)

Finance Twitter: The 50 most important people for investors to follow (MarketWatch)

Is the yield curve coming to kill you? (Globe & Mail)

It starts with a tweet: How Ritholtz recruits top talent (Citywire)

Who is President Trump blaming for the drop in the stock market? (MSNBC)

From markets to memes: 10 stars of the RIA Twitterverse (Citywire)

Investors bid good riddance to October (Irish Times)

Why aren’t Republicans focused on the economy ahead of midterms? (MSNBC)

Trending Now (RIA Magazine)

21 Pros to Follow on Twitter for Investment Advice (US News & World Report)

Elon Musk Tweets (MSNBC)

Reports: U.S. Treasury considering another tax cut for the wealthy (MSNBC)

Alphabet may become the Berkshire Hathaway of the internet age on its massive technology bets (CNBC)

Top 50 Fastest Growing Firms (FA Magazine)

How the best investors reacted to their worst investments (CNBC)

Ritholtz hires data analytics specialist in latest media-focused addition (Investment News)

Reformed Broker RIA makes hire to turn his $825-million-AUM firm into a blog incubator with a not-unneeded feminine touch (RIABiz)

Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisors of 2018 (Investopedia)

CIO of women-led RIA joins Ritholtz as financial advisor (Citywire)

Ritholtz Wealth’s Josh Brown kvells over ‘triple threat’ Big Easy hire (RIABiz)

If you’re under 40 you should be hoping for another stock plunge, says pundit Josh Brown (Los Angeles Times)

Josh Brown’s 3 Social Media Tips for Advisors (Think Advisor)

Live from T3: Blogging Like a Pro (

Mike Alfred also exits BrightScope to follow brother Ryan into cryptocurrency sphere (RIABiz)

At ETFs’ Biggest Party, Hot Stars Mask a Colder Reality (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg terminal alternatives popular with advisers (Investment News)

10 Financial Twitter Names To Follow In 2018 (Benzinga)

LinkedIn Top Voices 2017: Economy & Finance (LinkedIn)

The Force Behind Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise: Millions of Asian Investors (Wall Street Journal)

Are You Saving Enough Money? (GQ)

Bitcoin price breaks $10,000. Here’s what history tells us comes next. (Investment News)

The 100 Best Finance Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following (Forbes)

Cryptocurrency: The Discussion on Twitter Keeps Growing (Twitter)

Author Zweig on what makes Buffett the greatest investor of all time, how to trade bitcoin (CNBC)

‘Downtown’ Josh Brown talks about bitcoin and Baby Boomers (USA Today)

A Legitimate Worry for Facebook Investors (Barron’s)

¿Es una tontería decir que el índice Dow Jones llegará al millón de puntos? (El Mercurio)

Bitcoin Exchanges Struggle to Win Investor Confidence (Bloomberg)

Bitcoin may have reached a tipping point, now that ‘Downtown’ Josh Brown just invested (MarketWatch)

Wealth Advisers Set Up Shop With a Shared Back Office (New York Times)

Blogger turned ETF manager hits back at negative press with a little help from Twitter friends (CNBC)

Investopedia’s Top 100 Influential Financial Advisors (Investopedia)

The Secret Life Of ‘Downtown’ Josh Brown (Benzinga)

Innovation, Fads, & the Future of Investing (Morningstar Magazine)

Meet The New Breed Of Activist Investors Who Are Trying To Give Silicon Valley A Conscience (Fast Company)

The Friction Between James Comey and Markets (Wall Street Journal)

Josh Brown On Evidence Based Investing (

Have stocks reached ‘a permanently high plateau’? Or: Whatever happened to market corrections? (Los Angeles Times)

50 Of The Best Investing Blogs On The Planet (2017) (The Acquirer’s Multiple)

Josh Brown On Evidence Based Investing (

THE BEST INVESTING BLOGS OF 2017 (AND MORE) (The College Investor)

Josh Brown gives warning after Trump’s shocking bank comments: ‘Do not trade this news’ (CNBC)

Tech: Investors’ Boon or Bane? (Barron’s)

Making Sense of Financial Innovation (Morningstar)

Who benefits most from financial services innovation? (Financial Planning)

#FASuccess Ep 017 (Nerd’s Eye View)

Vanguard Is Growing Faster Than Everybody Else Combined (New York Times)

El mundo es hoy pura comedia (El Mercurio)

These stocks have crushed the S&P 500 before — and are ready to do it again (MarketWatch)

Now Anyone Can Invest in Startups—if They Have the Stomach for It (Wall Street Journal)

New York transit disruption puts brakes on Wall Street workers (Reuters)

This is the bull market’s 8th birthday! No, wait. THIS is the anniversary (MarketWatch)

Trump Puts U.S. Valuation Premium at Risk (Bloomberg)

How the rule of law can affect the stock market (Marketplace Radio)

Humans Are Coming for Robo-Advisers as Betterment Adds CFPs (Bloomberg)

Best Blogs to Read for Financial Advisors in 2017 (Advisor Websites)

When Trump tweets, Wall Street trades — instantly (Los Angeles Times)

Investment wisdom from 5 pros on this year’s crazy market (Yahoo Finance) 

In which Downtown Josh Brown saves the mutual fund industry (CNBC)

The Twitter accounts investors need to follow in 2017 (MarketWatch)

LinkedIn Top Voices 2016: The must-know writers in finance and on the global economy (LinkedIn)

Josh Brown finds social media is paying off in some unexpected ways (Investment News)

Defense and Aerospace Stocks Get the ‘Trump Bump’ (Wall Street Journal)

Ritholtz to Trump, investors: chill out (Reuters)

Hedge-Fund Manager and Trump Critic Whitney Tilson Doesn’t Trust This Stock-Market Rally (New York Magazine)

JOSH BROWN: This is what my clients have been ‘brainwashed’ into thinking (Business Insider)

I’ve never seen anything like the massacre of the hedge fund business this year (CNBC)

Ritholtz Wealth Management Clients Receive Gift on Firm’s Third Anniversary (PR Newswire)

Two million people streamed the NFL on Twitter last night and loved it (TechCrunch)

Wall Street Is Starting to Get Freaked Out About Donald Trump (NY Magazine)

A reminder that regulation protects big banks from competition (Washington Examiner) 

Stocks climb ‘wall of worry’ — all the way to all-time high (Los Angeles Times)

Who To Follow On Twitter: A Stock Trader’s Guide (InvestorPlace)

Rally of S&P 500 lacking exuberance is positive sign (Financial Times)

10 Young Advisors to Watch (FA Magazine)

Who Advisors Should Be Following on Twitter (Investopedia)

The Real History Behind The Big Short (TIME) 

What Leonardo DiCaprio Can Teach You About Surviving The Bear Market (Fortune)

9 Best Social Media Tips From A Successful Financial Advisor (Investors Business Daily)

U.S. stocks were cruisin’ for a bruisin’ even before Monday’s China rout (Los Angeles Times)

What the 2015 Merger Boom Means for the 2016 Stock Market (Fortune)

LinkedIn’s Top Voices of 2015 (LinkedIn)

Energy MLPs: Now there’s only pain for investors (CNBC)

Fortune Magazine’s 2016 Investor Roundtable (Fortune)

From Stockbroker to Media Star (Wealth Management)

Valeant scandal shows why we need short-sellers in the stock market (LA Times)

The stock that ate Wall Street (Fortune)

Why you should give your kids stocks instead of toys (MarketWatch)

129 Finance People to Follow on Twitter (Business Insider)

Are you ready for the next bear market? (Fortune)

One of Wall Street’s best-read bloggers is joining Josh Brown at Ritholtz (MarketWatch)

A top investment writer is joining Josh Brown and Barry Ritholtz at their NYC wealth management firm (Business Insider)

a bullish ETF event at NYC’s Conrad Hotel where pros plot the next few trillion of assets (RIA Biz)

Human traders can still beat computers (Financial Times)

Book Reviews: Climate Shock, Straight to Hell (Barron’s)

“Go Anywhere” Bond Funds Pose Risks That Investors Can’t See (Reuters)

The ‘can’t-miss’ investment that creamed Wall Street this year (Los Angeles Times)

ETFs: $3 Trillion is Nice, but $6 Trillion is Better (ETF Trends)

Can your portfolio survive rising interest rates? (Fortune)

You’ve Got Merger. What Twitter is Saying About Today’s Verizon AOL Deal (Bloomberg)

Everyone in San Francisco is talking about exactly what you think they’re talking about (Business Insider)

Eight blogs you should follow (Investment News)

The Top 100 People To Follow On Twitter For Financial News (Benzinga)

TD Ameritrade takes stock with social media (Banking Exchange)

Wealth Management Madness 2015 Finals: The Case for Rob Arnott (Wealth Management)


Top Social Influencers in the US (Brightscope)

An Armchair View Of The Digital Decisions Underlying The Schwab/Wealthfront Dust-up (Rock The Boat)

Advisors Fire Off on Fiduciary Proposal (Financial Planning)

New rules would make advisers put investors first (USA Today)

Tweeting maven Josh Brown approaches 100K followers (Investment News)

Por qué la gestión activa se cayó del precipicio – quizás para siempre (El Mercurio)

Investors can do themselves a huge favor by sitting out volatile market regimes (Business Insider)

 What I Read (And Why) (Motley Fool)

Top 50 Financial Advisor Blogs And Bloggers (Kitces)

Ways to spot a stock-market hoax (Guardian)

Story of the $72 million teen trader unravels (CNNMoney)

Financial Start-Ups Aim to Court the Anti-Finance Crowd (New York Times)

Wall Street’s New Risky Business (Barron’s)

Digital Journalism and Investing (Charlie Rose)

Impartial advice: why we’re better than the Yanks (Citywire)

Mutual Funds’ Professor Can Flunk Them (WSJ)

Revenge of the mom and pop investors (Fortune)

10 ‘insane things’ Wall Street really believes (CNBC)

Blue chips: down, but not out (Marketplace)

Downtown Josh Brown on Smart Money Being Stupid (Bloomberg)

The moment Bill Gross’ days at Pimco became numbered: A broker’s view (Los Angeles Times)

15 Advisers on Twitter That are Must-Follows  (Investment News)

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Josh Brown  (25iq)

A Day In The Life Of CNBC’s Star Anchor Scott Wapner (Business Insider)

Can newsrooms boost traffic without spoiling their brand? (CJR)

How Watching TV Can Make You Poorer (TIME)

Fund Management Folly (Barron’s)

How to Develop Your Personal Presence on Social Media and in Real Life (Wall Street Journal)

Fresh Perspectives in the Financial Media: The Reformed Broker (TraderFeed)

Josh Brown: Holding Wall Street Accountable (TraderPlanet)

Wall Street’s Brightest Minds Reveal The Most Important Charts In The World (Business Insider)

 Is The Fed Behind The Curve? CNBC Debates, Santelli Blows A Gasket (Barron’s)

Watch Steve Liesman demolish Rick Santelli’s inflation fearmongering live on CNBC (Vox)

Here’s What Rick Santelli’s Latest CNBC Rant Is Really About (TIME)

CNBC’s Rick Santelli Had His Biggest On-Air Blowup In A Long Time, And It Ended With Him Walking Off Air (Business Insider)

The Most Powerful People in Finance at Every Age (Business Insider)

Why trading volume is tumbling, explained in 5 charts  (MarketWatch)

Best Way to Play Emerging Markets (Barron’s)

Here are five finance bloggers you should be reading (MarketWatch)

Introducing The Top Advisor Blogs And Bloggers (Nerd’s Eye View)

Insider-Trading Inquiry Could Rattle Icahn’s Efforts to Shape His Legacy (DealBook) 

Josh Brown, Blogging’s Bomb Thrower: The 2014 IA 25 Profile (ThinkAdvisor)

The IA 25 for 2014 (ThinkAdvisor)

A Stock Market Fear Tube (Oriental Daily)

5 portfolio worries bigger than high-frequency trading (CNBC) 

Grading The Truthiness Of All The Michael Lewis Haters (Huffington Post)

Word to the wise: finding investment insight online (Irish Times)

Bull market needs one thing to keep going: Josh Brown (Yahoo Finance)

A Quiet Trend That May Be Boosting Stocks (Barron’s)

The Relentless Josh Brown

The Stock Market’s Relentless Bid, Explained

The Quiet Takeover That Keeps Stocks Moving Up No Matter What (BusinessInsider)

Will Warren Buffett’s investment advice work for you? (Reuters)

 One Hardworking Bull (Barron’s)

Why the 1929 Chart Is a Bunch of Nonsense (MoneyBeat)

Consensus on ‘scary’ 1929 chart: Enough already, it’s not happening (MarketWatch) 

Josh Brown Nails The Mutual Fund Industry With This Hilarious Brochure Decoder (Business Insider)

Was Fondsbezeichnungen wirklich bedeuten (Frankfurter Allgemeine)

Jamie Dimon is Totally Underpaid (The Daily Beast)

The RIABiz top 10 industry blogs — and which bloggers they recommend (RIABiz)

The Insanely Profitable Federal Reserve (The Daily Beast)

You Are Here (Yahoo Finance)

Heroes of Blogging (Noahpinion)

Buyback Bonbons (Barron’s)

2014 Predictions from Some of the Smartest Market Watchers (Yahoo Finance)

15 Best Finance Tweets of the Year: 2013 (Think Advisor)

The Best Reads of 2013 You Might Have Missed (Yahoo Finance) 

Lessons from 2013 (DashOfInsight)

10 Ways Wall Street is Just Like Sesame Street (Buzzfeed)

Tools Help Investors Wade Through All the Chatter on Twitter (Wall Street Journal)

The Mayor Changed My Life! (New York Post)

Terms of Art: Two Words of Advice (Barron’s)

Don’t panic till the last of the bears throws in the towel (CNBC)

Dear Ma, Dear Pa: Welcome Back … Watch Your Back (BusinessWeek)

War! Inflation! Bull markets! (FT Alphaville)

Junk Glistens Under ‘Bernankecare’ as Worst Stocks Win (Bloomberg)

Most Innovative People Under 40 (BusinessInsider)

The Age of Bullshit Investments Is Back! (New York Magazine)

The 106 Finance People You Have to Follow on Twitter (Business Insider)

Recap of the Big Picture Conference (MarketWatch)

Hedge Funds Are Victims of their Own Size, Success: Ritholtz (Barron’s)

Art Cashin Just Gave A Hilarious Wall Street History Lesson Going Back To The 1950s (Business Insider)

Ritholtz, Brown launch RIA firm with five advisers (Investment News)

Barry Ritholtz and Josh Brown launch wealth-management firm (MarketWatch)

Reformed Broker on New Ritholtz Firm: Our Blogging Is Research (ThinkAdvisor)

Financial bloggers, advisers seek to upend wealth management biz with new firm (SNL Financial)

Two Of The Biggest Names In Wall Street Social Media Have Launched Their Own Investment Firm (Business Insider)

How to get famous and win new clients (Reuters)

Experts see rising stocks, despite troubled world (NYP)

Pimco: Media has been ‘sullying sentiment’ in the bond market (MarketWatch)

Computer Glitch Forces NASDAQ to Halt Trading (TIME)

Nasdaq CEO defends trading shutdown response amid criticism from investors (Guardian)

The Best of the Best: Top Blogs That All Financial Advisors Should Be Following (Financial Social Media)

Hear That? It’s Your Financial Advisor Tweeting.  (DealBook)

Sorry, but hedge funds aren’t going away  (Fortune)

When Brevity is the Soul of Wall Street Research  (DealBook)

What’s unsettling the markets? Too much good news (Globe & Mail)

Subscribers Fear Bloomberg Is Becoming Their Rival (DealBook)

Brokers Go Gray as Youth Unsustainable Without Cold Calls (Bloomberg)

Prepping for a QE-Less World (WSJ)

Jobs report pushes stocks to a record  (New York Post)

Blue Chip Stocks Fetch Ridiculous Valuations, But Don’t Sell Just Because It’s May (Forbes)

Investors Are Listening To Twitter. Are You Talking To Them? (Financial Social Media)

How Twitter is becoming your first source of investment news (Washington Post)

Mining the Latest Opinions on Gold (Barron’s)

The value of social sentiment  (MarketWatch)

Bloomberg Jumps on ‘Twitter A-List’ After SEC’s Social Media Decision (Advisor One)

Inside Bloomberg’s Twitter A-List (CFA Institute)

Thoughts on the future of financial blogging (Financial Times)

The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013 (TIME)

The Top Twenty Wealth Managers and Financial Experts on Twitter (Wall Street Journal)

Meet Twitter’s Newest Clique: Bloomberg’s Terminal Tweeters (New York Magazine)

Kitces signs on to help fix ‘issues’ at Brightscope (Investment News)

Dow keeps roaring as streak continues (New York Post)

Bond giant PIMCO wins fourth Lipper award – for stocks (Reuters)

The Culprit: Flawed Indexes (Barron’s)

The best tweets for your money (Wall Street Journal)

The Psychology of the Stock Market … and Apple (Barron’s)

7 Articles ETF Investors Must Read: 3/7 (ETF Database)

Advisers benefit from “listening” on social media  (Reuters)

Mindful of Bubbles in a Boom for Deals (New York Times)

3 Reasons We’re Not in a Stock Bubble (Yahoo Finance)

Riskalyze Offers Free Risk Tool For Advisors (Financial Planning)

Five Brutal Years Teach Investors to Sit Tight (BusinessWeek)

Josh Brown Reveals Six Biggest Investing Lessons of 2012 (Advisor One)

The Anti-Barron’s Round Table: Crowd-Sourced Twitter 2013 Stock and Market Picks (Forbes)

‘Curating’ the other side of the street  (Crain’s New York)

15 Power Tweeters Every Adviser Should Know (Investment News)

How to Read Financial News (Motley Fool)

Joshua Brown, the Reformed Broker, Named Curator-in-Chief of TheStreet’s New Financial Blog Review, SideStreet (TSC)

Markets eye 4 horsemen of Obama’s second term (MarketWatch)

Can Wall St. mend its rift with President Obama? (CBS News)

Josh Brown, The Reformed Broker, joins InvestmentNews’ blog lineup (Investment News)

TheStreet Predicts Obama Will Win the 2012 Election (

6 Wall Street blogs you should be reading (MarketWatch)

Apple Planning Pandora Rival (TIME)

Ex-Stock Broker: I Realized That Most Of What I Did Was Bad For Clients–So I Quit (Yahoo)

The Must-Read Wall Street Books of the Summer of 2012 (Marketplace)

Eight Market Gurus Fill in the Blanks (BusinessWeek)

Parting is Such Sweet Revenge (New York Times)

The Joke’s On You (Barron’s)

The @reformedbroker Names His Executive Dream Team (Fortune)

Investors Explore Social Media (IR Magazine)

Morgan Stanley to Expand Access to Social Media (DealBook)

The 2012 IA 25 List (AdvisorOne)

A Backstage Pass to a Show You Wouldn’t Believe (HuffPo)

Five Money Moves a Reformed Broker is Making Now  (MarketWatch)

From the Bookshelf (AAII)

On retirement, too many of us are fools (Fortune)

New York’s Financial Media Heavyweights Partied For Josh Brown’s ‘Backstage Wall Street’ (Business Insider)

7 Advisors With Vast Twitter Followers (Financial Planning)

On Wall Street, Keeping a Tight Rein on Twitter  (DealBook)

‘Reformed Broker’ and blogger ‘Downtown’ Josh Brown joins BrightScope’s advisory board (RIA Biz)

BrightScope Adds “The Reformed Broker” Josh Brown to Advisory Board (MarketWatch)

Brown, Backstage Wall Street (Review) (Reading the Markets)

Staying Out of the Murder Holes (Registered Rep)

Confessions of a Reformed Stockbroker (BusinessWeek)

Conflict of All Conflicts (WSJ)

Risk On: Was 2008 Just a Bad Dream? (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

Breaking Ranks: Former Stockbroker Turns Bombthrower (Advisor One)

All Eyes on Pimco Total Return ETF Launch (ETF Trends)

Are Breast Implants the New Hemline Indicator? (RT)

Payroll tax extension, Greek news won’t make huge impact  (Marketplace Radio)

Facebook Already Went Public, You Weren’t Invited (Fortune)

The Inner Broker Resurfaces (WSJ)

Social Media – Can FA’s Maintain Authenticity? (Registered Rep)

The end of mutual funds is coming (Fortune)

The Jean Valjean Problem (WSJ)






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