Technical Analysis

Silver stocks explode, most heavily shorted stonks, Vix spikes

Subscribe! Today on the Untitled Chart Show, JC Parets of All Star Charts and Downtown Josh Brown take a look at the biggest trends in the markets right now, including: ►The highest VIX ever for a less than 5% S&P 500 decline – fear is everywhere ►Financial stocks (XLF) struggling to bust back above overhead…

The 96-week downtrend

Energy stocks have been locked in an unbelievable downtrend for so long, we almost take it as a given that they’ll continue to shrink as a percentage of the S&P 500 (and, eventually, as a force within our economy). In the meanwhile, gasoline demand is back to almost pre-Covid levels already. We’re driving again. I…

Buyers and Sellers

How can you possibly gauge the activity and appetites of the buyers and sellers – the price setters – if you don’t study price itself?