Silver stocks explode, most heavily shorted stonks, Vix spikes


Today on the Untitled Chart Show, JC Parets of All Star Charts and Downtown Josh Brown take a look at the biggest trends in the markets right now, including:

►The highest VIX ever for a less than 5% S&P 500 decline – fear is everywhere

►Financial stocks (XLF) struggling to bust back above overhead supply dating back to 2007

►Checking in with the Dow Jones Internet Index (FDN), which includes Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, Netflix and Google

►Silver futures explode higher, but still a lot of distance between here and all-time highs

►A list of the most heavily shorted stock on Wall Street

►JC finds a silver miner worth taking a look at

►Since crude oil went negative, the CRB commodities index and the Emerging Markets ETF have been beating the S&P 500

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Candlestick charting originated in the 1700’s as speculators in the rice markets of feudal Japan saw the advantage of visualizing the four most important prices of the day: Opening, closing, high and low. As each month comes to an end, every investable asset class produces a new candle on its monthly chart. These are most notable monthly candles and the stories behind them.

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