The biggest market trends going into October

Welcome to Big Trends Monthly with Josh Brown and JC Parets of All Star Charts. We’re breaking down the latest monthly closing candlestick charts to reveal the most meaningful market moves around the world.

– Taking a look at the Triple QQQ’s priced in long-term Treasury bonds (TLT)
– Homebuilders are on fire, taking out the housing bubble highs from the mid-aughts
– Equal-weight industrials and retailers rocketing higher
– Consumer discretionary stocks outperform consumer staples
– Don’t look now but Emerging Markets vs SPY might be forming a multi-decade bottom

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Candlestick charting originated in the 1700’s as speculators in the rice markets of feudal Japan saw the advantage of visualizing the four most important prices of the day: Opening, closing, high and low. As each month comes to an end, every investable asset class produces a new candle on its monthly chart. These are most notable monthly candles and the stories behind them.

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