Hot Links: Ron Paul, Evan Newmark, Fixing CNBC & The Yellow Lobster


Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Let’s start off with Dealbreaker‘s call for submissions: What should the New York Stock Exchange’s tagline be?  The message board was hopping with funny stuff.

The Epicurean Dealmaker posted a viscious takedown of former Goldman Sachs I-Banker turned WSJ columnist Evan Newmark and his recent musings on regulating Wall Street compensation.  People, when will the banker-on-banker violence cease?

The Business Insider comes up with a viable candidate to replace the Black Swan metaphor…The Yellow Lobster, a 1-in-30 million variety, and hideously ugly.  I actually tackled this topic with some of my own replacement ideas (the diurnal owl) back in January.

Ron Paul’s Audit The Fed movement has made some real progress in the House of Reps…Mish has the story.

The Slate‘s financial site, The Big Money, has basically plagiarized LOLFed…the only difference is, LOLFed is witty and hip, while this LOLEconz rip-off thingie is beyond lame.  Shut it down and apologize, Slate, you should know better.

It seems that almost everyone involved in the markets has their own 2 cents to put in on what CNBC and the rest of financial television do wrong.  Of course there are problems with these networks.  Nobody’s perfect, but I don’t think they get enough credit for what they do well.  That said, Barry Ritholtz opened up the How to Fix Financial Television debate on The Big Picture earlier this week and his own ideas are worth considering.