Joshua M Brown

Life is Beautiful

If you’re roughly in my age group and reading this, then it’s likely you’re at home right now, with children, doing your best to be a mom or a dad, as well as a homeschool teacher, while simultaneously trying to manage a business, be a remote employee or figure out your next gig for when…

The Bravery of Jon Boorman

Josh here – Our friend Jon Boorman is one of the bravest, kindest and most thoughtful people we know. We wanted to pay tribute to him and tell his story.

No bottom until the virus tops

This is how I feel right now. Yesterday, Batnick asked me if I thought Monday’s thrashing might have represented the bottom for the S&P 500. I don’t. I also don’t see this morning’s agreement in Congress as “stimulus.” I see it as a rescue. Stimulus is what you do for a slowing economy. This is…