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TRB vs Carney on the Big Bank Tax

Since neither the construction nor the operation of TARP or its sister programs was constitutional to begin with, it is an absurdity to argue that the addition to this program of a new recompensatory feature violates the constitution. This would be like arguing about what color a unicorn’s tail is supposed to be.

Squashing the Goldman Beef

You can always tell when you’re talking to someone who at one point in their career worked at Goldman Sachs. How? Simple.  Within the first 5 minutes or so, they will begin a sentence with the phrase “When I was at Goldman,”. This is the real world equivalent of Anchorman‘s Ron Burgundy telling a girl…

Hot Links: Ron Paul, Evan Newmark, Fixing CNBC & The Yellow Lobster

Hot Links for Weekend Reading… Let’s start off with Dealbreaker‘s call for submissions: What should the New York Stock Exchange’s tagline be?  The message board was hopping with funny stuff. The Epicurean Dealmaker posted a viscious takedown of former Goldman Sachs I-Banker turned WSJ columnist Evan Newmark and his recent musings on regulating Wall Street…

Hot Links: CNBC, Positivity, Thomas Weisel & Credit Cards

Hot Links for Weekend Reading Ever wondered what CNBC actually stands for?  Its their 20 year anniversary, so check out The Business Insider (the old Clusterstock) for the answer and amaze your friends and co-workers! Also on TBI, James Cramer breaks his silence on his appearance with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.  Twas an ambush….