Hot Links: Black Swans, DJs, CEOs, Rogers and Kass

hot-linksHot Links for Weekend Reading

Let’s kick it off with a Think Piece from Johnny Debacle of Long or Short Capital.  Johnny asks the question “Why be a JD (Juris Doctor) when you could be a DJ (Disc Jockey)?”

I got two from The Business Insider this week…first, a slideshow of the Worst CEOs Ever, then, TBI’s coverage of the possible Black Swan dust-up, wherein someone picked up a claim that Nassim Taleb claimed a $20 billion profit for his fund’s clients.

I also have two from The Epicurean Dealbreaker.  I loved his Take Home Quiz focusing on the Elements of Modern Corporate Finance Theory, with questions like “What is the Net Present Value of a poem?”  TED also wrote an excellent post paralleling his experience as a young investment banking pup trying to get clients to make a move with the Obama administration’s exploitation of the credit crisis.

Barry Ritholtz’s The Big Picture Conference here in New York this week was a big success.  Here are Barry’s notes from the event itself, including yet another example of why Doug Kass is The Reformed Broker‘s fave commentator:  Big Picture Conference.

We apparently now have a Czar for everything under our new pseudo-communist regime and compensation is no exception.  This one, I’m kind of sort of OK with.  Let ’em scamble to pay off the TARP if they want to go back to the billion dollar sweepstakes.  Dealbreaker, as usual, had my favorite coverage of the new “Special Master for Compansation”, Kenneth Feinberg.

I like receiving my market predictions slathered in hyperbole.  Jimmy Rogers likes delivering ’em that way, so we get along well.  Farmer Rogers was interviewed by the Economic Times predicting Dow 1 million and S&P 500 50,000!  The caveat is that the dollars that could push it there would be worth a fraction of what you’d think…and Jimmy is still enamored with the agriculture story.  LOLFed has the link along with the image of the week (Jimmy Rogers straddling a pig).

Lastly, who wants to cry today?  Those without daughters may be immune to this clip’s tearjerking powers, but I wasn’t.  It’s from a local news crew that filmed a military dad returning from service in Iraq to surprise his daughter, whom he hasn’t seen in a year, at her school.

Have a great weekend, kids!