Michael “Mish” Shedlock

Michael Shedlock Talks Jobs with Aaron Task

Here’s a quickie from Tech Ticker that presents a very sobering view on how persistent a 10% plus unemployment rate could be according to Michael “Mish” Shedlock… Source: Mish: Nov Jobs Report Looked Fabricated (Yahoo)

Finance Blogger Feud Week

So apparently, this is Finance Blogger Feud Week!  Get your programs! Last week’s Felix Salmon versus Zero Hedge dustup was merely a prelude for what was to come to this week. Two biggies to report so far:

Hot Links: Ron Paul, Evan Newmark, Fixing CNBC & The Yellow Lobster

Hot Links for Weekend Reading… Let’s start off with Dealbreaker‘s call for submissions: What should the New York Stock Exchange’s tagline be?  The message board was hopping with funny stuff. The Epicurean Dealmaker posted a viscious takedown of former Goldman Sachs I-Banker turned WSJ columnist Evan Newmark and his recent musings on regulating Wall Street…

Who's Who of Financial Bloggers

Who’s Who in the World of Financial Bloggers?  Well, if finance blogdom was a high school, here are the extra-curricular activities your favorite bloggers would be involved with…   1.  A.P. Economics Barry Ritholtz (The Big Picture) Mish (Global Trend Analysis) Anonymous (Calculated Risk) Boone, Johnson & Kwak (Baseline Scenario) Yves Smith & Co. (Naked…