Hot Links: The Pentatonic Scale

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Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Jefferson County, Alabama: the brokest county in all the land.  (NYT)

Barry Ritholtz does a killer guest post for Prieur‘s site discussing the analysts.  (Investment Postcards)

China’s governments create a bottom in commercial real estate by intervention.  (FT)

Speaking of China, Karabell looks at why their stimulus is working better than ours.  (TNR)

LOLFed takes a look at the latest sex/ insider trading scandal.  (LOLFed)

Mayor Rudy‘s advice for Professor Gates: “Keep Your Mouth Shut”.  (NYP)

Matt Taibbi bashs into his fave pinata again, this time on video.  (Dealbreaker)

Meet the World’s Greatest Pickpocket.  (Mental Floss)