Hot Links: Prechter, Keynes & MJ's Glove

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Elliot wave fanatic Bob Prechter looking for $10 a barrel crude oil over the next few years, completing the supercycle that started in the 90’s.  (Clusterstock)

Karl Denninger explains karma to Bank of America.  (MarketTicker)

Abercrombie can’t catch a break.  (YahooFinance)

Michael Jackson‘s glittery glove is going up for auction.  I’m predicting $20 million +.  (NYP)

OMG, David Tice is bearish…stop the presses, call the White House.  (Bloomberg)

Prieur sees a sell signal for Chinese equities.  (InvestmentPostcards)

Forbes’ Bruce Bartlett praising the conservative leanings of John Maynard Keynes!  Up is down, black is white, cats sleeping with dogs, etc.  (Forbes)

Bess Levin is back with a vengeance: When Charlie Gasparino met Steve Cohen.  (Dealbreaker)

Look!  It’s that little femme from the prep school reality show drawing swastikas!  Hooray for spoiled rich kids!  (NYMag)