Steve Cohen

Hot Links: Shangri-La Found?

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… Templeton’s Mark Mobius sees another 40% gain for the BRIC nations.  (Bloomberg) What Are The Best Hedge Funds Buying?  Including John Paulson, Steve Cohen, Steve Mandel.  (PragCap) The emperors drop some crumbs: Goldman and Buffett‘s plan to help small businesses.  (Barron’s) 10 Most Annoying Things About This Recession.  (TheDisciplinedInvestor) What’s…

Hot Links: Prechter, Keynes & MJ's Glove

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… Elliot wave fanatic Bob Prechter looking for $10 a barrel crude oil over the next few years, completing the supercycle that started in the 90’s.  (Clusterstock) Karl Denninger explains karma to Bank of America.  (MarketTicker) Abercrombie can’t catch a break.  (YahooFinance) Michael Jackson‘s glittery glove is going up for auction….

NY Post: Hedge Fund Turnaround Cheat Sheet

Your average passively-managed 401k account probably saw anywhere from 20 to 40% returns since February and is most likely flat to modestly positive on the year.  People close to retirement are not throwing a parade just yet, but still, things have obviously gotten…umm…less grim. How have the Masters of the Universe done, though? The New…