Hot Links: Hedgies, Jeff Macke, Violence & Nathan's Hot Dogs

Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Does any blogger do a better job at keeping up with the latest moves and news from the hedge fund world than Market Folly?  I doubt it.  Check out MF’s roundup this week of the latest on Soros, Och Ziff, the Black Swan guy, Greenlight’s Einhorn and more.  (Market Folly)

Here’s a nice little vignette about a Citigroup back office employee in NJ who went to collect his personal items after being told he was laid off…only to find himself being choked and assaulted by his manager!  As Bess Levin quipped, “God Love This Bank”.  (Dealbreaker)

Guys, Karl Denninger went off the deep end this week and the fireworks show simply cannot be missed.  And this was posted on a Monday, no less!  This guy’s saying the things that many are too afraid to say in print or out loud…he’s a like a bubbling cauldron that someone left in a closet or down in the basement and just forgot about, an explosion is imminent.  (Market-Ticker)

Brooklyn Girl Michelle Leder of picked up on a rather depressing story while reading through the latest filings from Coney Island-based Nathan’s Famous.  I could go for some hot dogs and crinkle-cut fries today, hmmm.  (

Good to see Tadas Viskanta starting to write more of his own stuff on Abnormal Returns, including this piece on the growth and possible danger of the ETF industry, which he believes has a marketing talent that is light years ahead of the regulators’ ability to police it.  (Abnormal Returns)

Jeff Macke was officially gone from CNBC this week.  I guess that would be a victory for the Car People.  (TV Newser)

Finally, I’ll leave you off with this week with an astounding infographic from Good Magazine that show the largest bankruptcies in history with a really cool boats sinking motif.  I would’ve posted it here, but it’s massive and perfect where it is.  (Good Magazine)