Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Hot Links: Black Swans, DJs, CEOs, Rogers and Kass

Hot Links for Weekend Reading Let’s kick it off with a Think Piece from Johnny Debacle of Long or Short Capital.  Johnny asks the question “Why be a JD (Juris Doctor) when you could be a DJ (Disc Jockey)?” I got two from The Business Insider this week…first, a slideshow of the Worst CEOs Ever,…

Give the Black Swan a Rest for 2009; The Search for a New Metaphor

With the fresh start we’ve been given, if only by the calendar, I’m here to say that enough is enough – let’s put the over-referenced, tired Black Swan trope into retirement. Just in case we get another year of absurdity and hyperbolic surprise, I’ve come up with a few equally improbable animal variations that could take it’s place for 2009