That Apple to Natural Gas Ratio's Getting Awfully Stretched

You know my friend JC (All Star Charts)  is a wicked technician, but you might not have known that he’s also hilarious. Today he told me that the all-important Apple-to-Nat-Gas Ratio was getting a bit toppy, here’s the chart he did: And here’s the 20-year: Nicely done.  Contrarians, go for it! Tags: $AAPL $UNG  …

Apple Sauce

This morning Apple ($AAPL) announced a $10 billion share buyback and a $2.65-per-share quarterly dividend…

New iPad Preorders Sold Out

What everyone at the table (and probably in the restaurant) had in common was that the iPad 2s belonging to the dads had been essentially annexed by the children in a bloodless coup.