How I Became a "Devil Investor"

I want dividends/ buyouts/ buybacks/ spin-offs/ earnings beats/ guidance raises/ new CEOs/ contracts awarded/ FDA approvals/ tender offers/ mergers/ product launches and more. And I want them NOW. Yesterday, in fact.

Hot Links: IPO Culture, Rice Prices, Series 7 & the iPhone Cheese Dock

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… Kedrosky on 2010’s return of the IPO culture.  (InfectiousGreed) Robyn Meredith on China’s 2010 commodity appetite: “Watch the price of rice.”  (Forbes) Quentin Hardy: In 2010 the internet will break, but something better will replace it.  (Forbes) New Bank of America chief has no Series 7 or Series 24 license. …

Holiday Shopping Dead Today

Roosevelt Field, one of Long Island’s biggest shopping malls, was a ghost town today.  The streets and parking lots around it were barely plowed and the people were clearly staying away. I was only there to take care of business at the Apple Store, which in Roosevelt Field has just moved into a ginormous space,…