Hot Links: Inches Away

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The market isn’t down much – but the average S&P 1500 name individually is down 12%!  (Bespoke)

Stephen Gandel: Investors are still way too excited about tech stocks.  (Fortune)

John Authers: Good luck using valuation formulas to determine whether markets are cheap or expensive.  (FT)

Marc Chandler: Europe is inches away from doing QE.  (CreditWritedowns)

These are the most important charts in the world right now according to Wall Street’s greatest minds.  (BusinessInsider)

The ten best ETF trades of all time.  (ETFdb)

Felix Salmon really disliked Michael Lewis’s ‘Flash Boys’.  (Slate)

Thet HFT defending smartass you see on all the television shows this week is actually the mystery man who’s building market-connected microwave towers to steal even more efficiently.  (Themis)

All of a sudden elements of behavioral finance are everywhere you look.  (Bloomberg)

Shocking revelation: Back in the day, MSNBC host Al Sharpton used to wear an FBI wire and take meetings with the biggest mobsters in New York City to bring them down.  (NYP)

Taylor Swift dancing at the Country Music Awards is my favorite thing this morning.  (Buzzfeed)

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