Future Proof


What does everyone want right now, in this era of unprecedented change and radical innovation? Well, I can tell you what they don’t want – that feeling that they’re falling behind the times. Becoming obsolete. Losing their grasp on how things work and where the roadmap is taking us. Nobody wants to be left out. Nobody wants to be less successful or less relevant in the future.

So what can we do about? The first step is being open-minded and willing to learn. The next steps would be reading, networking, meeting people, listening to what the leaders on the cutting edge of art, culture and technology are talking about. And that’s how we keep ourselves on the right track.

This morning we’ve announced our return to the live event landscape with a brand new concept that’s never been seen before – introducing Future Proof, the world’s first wealth festival. It’s happening in Huntington Beach, California next September 11th-14th. If you work in wealth management, asset management, financial planning, fintech, crypto, brokerage, banking, etc and you want to make sure you are part of the future of your industry, this is the event for you.

I have 300 free registrations available for my fans in the financial advisory business. It’s first come, first serve. If you are a registered financial advisor, go to Future Proof Festival and register using the code FP300 and you’re all set.

We have a long history of being ahead of the curve and making our events memorable. At our Wealth/Stack Conference in 2019, we had Patrick O’Shaughnessy unveil his Canvas custom indexing platform for the time in front of our live audience. In the two years since, custom and direct indexing has become the biggest wave of innovation for our industry since the advent of the ETF. We’re going to pack our new event with all sorts of big ideas that we think will have a major impact on your career and your clients’ lives in the future.

So, do you want to be Future Proof?

We’re working with the City of Huntington Beach to throw a beautiful, unique experience for our industry participants to meet each other, learn from each other and have a great time while we’re at it. This will be like nothing else you’ve ever experienced before. Tell your friends and colleagues to register now. We’ll see you on the beach next September!

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