Hot Links: Stoopid-Paid

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The Age of Bullshit Investments is Back.  (NewYorkMagazine)

But don’t worry – Greenspan’s bullish.  (Bloomberg)

Nothing says bull market madness like a rally in the steakhouse stocks.  (iBankCoin)

Small cap growth stocks are expensive now.  (Morningstar)

How big has the rush been into dividend ETFs? How about $50 to $80 billion in AUM over the last year? How about stock dividend ETFs are now bigger than US treasury ETFs?  (FocusOnFunds)

China goes to war with Starbucks over prices. Communist bastards 😉  (TIME)

LinkedIn is looking to make inroads from your career into the rest of your life. Will you let it?  (Wired)

Twitter board members are stoopid-paid, $16 mil in year one, $8 million a year thereafter.  (WSJ)

BofA and Morgan Stanley form a Crips-and-Bloods-like truce, vow to stop offering enormous deals to each other’s brokers. Yeah right.  (Bloomberg)

Citi on hedge funds: Operational Alpha is not the thing, People Alpha is.  (HedgeWeek)

Cassandra: Banks to screw people, people who work at banks do.  (CassandraDoesTokyo)

The worst broker in the business?  (WSJ)

Best job on earth? Meet Chipotle’s DJ.  (BusinessWeek)

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