Hot Links: UNG, AT&T and Wal-Mart People


Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Think bankers are in low regard now?  In 16th century Holland, they were banned from the church and treated like pawnbrokers and brothel keepers.  (CreditSlips)

Happy bicentennial to Elbridge Gerry, the man who ran the dollar printing presses to pay for the Civil War.  (NYT)

Big PR problems for AT&T‘s “blogger guy” Seth Bloom.  (DSLReports)

Great article by Michael Wolff on what separates the Washington Post from most other newspaper companies.  (VanityFair)

6 things the Dividend Growth Investor learned from the financial crisis.  (DivGrowthInv)

And then 3 takeaways from the collapse of UNG, the Nat Gas ETF that seems to be a bottomless pit.  (Minyanville)

The jobless recovery is keeping productivity and profits up…so far.  (Bloomberg)

Prime credit cards are starting to underperform sub prime at HSBC.  This could become a dangerous story if it spreads to other lending institutions.  (Clusterstock)

And lastly, because I know you like to laugh, I present “The People of Wal-Mart“…yes, these are real photos submitted by the public and then sorted so that only the best make it onto the site.  (PeopleOfWalMart)