Hot Links: Taper Day

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Sam Ro’s FOMC preview is the only one you need to read this morning.  (BusinessInsider)

If you had Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on your Fantasy Sarcasm Team, congrats – you’ve just won the Super Bowl.  (Telegraph)

Japanese prime minister / chief investment strategist Shinzo Abe is coming to Wall Street this week to ring the bell and break some legs. Okay, that last part is speculation.  (MoneyBeat)

Don’t miss this important piece on price having a memory from Chess:  (iBankCoin)

Four things Twitter needs to do right after the IPO.  (Fortune)

How Netflix streams 114,000 years of video every month (GigaOM)

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz asks customers not to bring guns into the store. “If you want that Frapp, do not come strapped.”  (BusinessInsider)

Elliot Weissbluth to Wall Street’s brokerage complex: Gen Y isn’t waiting for you to get your ethical shit together.  (LinkedIn)

CalPERS adopts 12 new investment beliefs.  (CalPERS)

Don’t worry about cancer – scientists are hard at work on the double-chin epidemic.  (WSJ)


Scott McNealy says Buffett and Gates should invest in startups instead of charities. Yes, because most startups end up benefiting large numbers of people who are most in need of help.  (BusinessInsider)

Smart Beta and the Pendulum of Mispricing.  (ResearchAffiliates)

Walt Mossberg gives the new iPhone his blessing, thinks the fingerprint thing is gamechanging.  (AllThingsD)

And here I was operating under the assumption that there was no such thing as listening to too much of the Eagles…  (Gawker)

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