Hot Links: Better and Worse at the Same Time

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Big call on Citi – analyst Charles Peabody says the bank could be down $7 billion on currency losses.  (Bloomberg)

The new Apple iOS is better and worse at the same time.  (TheVerge)

Small business confidence hits one year high.  (Reuters)

Hedge funds across strategies are lowering net long exposure to stocks.  (FINalternatives)

Joseph Stiglitz on Japan: It’s a model, not a cautionary tale.  (NYT)

Three reasons emerging market stocks are getting slammed.  (BusinessInsider)

That long SPY short EM trade everyone has one has worked too well, time for a reversal.  (DragonflyCapital)

Attention systemic risk fans: you’ll love this one about the German bank employee who took a nap on a keyboard and transferred millions of euros.  (France24)

“Why am I still on Facebook?” (because you’re a tool who still thinks about high school all day and loves reading inspirational quotes)  (TIME)

Gavyn Davies on equities: “In the longer term, what matters is real factors, like the forward path for corporate earnings, and the interest rate at which they should be discounted.”  (FT)

The most well-placed bikini billboard of all time.  (BusinessInsider)

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