Hot Links: Bubbles and Breakouts

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Gold plunging yet again on massive increase in stimulus, money printing around the world. Wait a minute…  (BusinessInsider)

Is the US dollar about to stage a major breakout? Is the market ready for this?  (RiskReversal)

Krugman: “So do we have a major bond and/or stock bubble? On bonds, I’d say definitely not. On stocks, probably not, although I’m not as certain.”  (NYT)

Dan Loeb: This Japan thing is just getting warmed up.  (MoneyBeat)

Short interest in the futures market for the major stock indexes has vanished.  (TheTell)

The reviews for Great Gatsby are tumbling in, and everyone seems to hate this film.  (TheAtlantic)

Maxim’s Hot 100 came out last night – inexplicably, Miley Cyrus is #1 and Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend made the list.  (Maxim)

Sad trombone for Phil Falcone, who accepts a two-year ban and $18 million fine.  (Bloomberg)

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