Hot Links: Berserk

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Chinese stocks went berserk last night, a 4% pop for the Shanghai Comp.  (beyondbrics)

Stifel thinks Apple’s iPhone 5 launch in China is a flop.  (BusinessInsider)

Mike Harris: “The longer gold struggles to stay above $1700 an ounce the higher the probability of a dive to lower levels.”  (PriceActionLab)

The DealBook Conference seems to have been a massive success….or was it?  (FelixSalmon)

Wait, Richard Koo is becoming an inflationista?  (PragCap)

The world of 2030, some big ideas worth pondering.  (AboveTheMarket)

FT’s Person of the Year: Mario Draghi.  (FT)

Seth Godin: Most advice is bad advice.  (SethsBlog)

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