Sunday Hot Links: Half Short and Twice Strong

Here are some of my fave links from the weekend…

Lucky 29-year-old hedgie Cara Goldenberg and her dream date with Warren.  (BusinessWeek)

Today’s big story, in which Goldman and other US bankers are blamed for Greece.  Hilarious.  (NYT)

Why are we still hooking up the real estate industry vs any other…and at the expense of taxpayers?  They blew it, yank the giveaways back already!  (BarbarianCapital)

Visionary Goldman econ chief Jim O’Neill sees a big change coming in the Chinese Yuan.  (Bloomberg)

A new book about why Jews are so often involved with the money lending/investing business.  Click it, I don’t care what your reasons are…  (NYT)

Massive differences in terms of how the heads of banks are paid around the world.  (TBP)

A great roundup on the latest about Greece, including color from Yves Smith and John Mauldin.  (DJMarketTalk)

Happy 5th Birthday, Youtube.  I forgive you for removing all the copywrited materials when Google pussed out.  (Mashable)

I’ve avoided this silly story long enough: The rappers that are starting an oil company.  (Bloomberg)

The 13 Worst Fictional Corporations To Work For.  (ToplessRobot)