Hot Links: How To Be A Billionaire

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Here’s the article everyone will be talking about today, in which Matt Taibbi accuses $GS of rape.  (RollingStone)

The News Treadmill from the standpoint of a disgusted journalist.  (HedgeWorld)

From the Mouth of Sauron – how the most hated investment bank handles PR.  (EpicureanDealmaker)

Wait til you see the new $500 million RBS trading facility in CT.  (NYT)

Faber warns of a sharp sell-off for the commodity producers that fed China last year.  (Benzinga)

Ten things you could learn about trading from Brian Shannon of AlphaTrends.  (SMB)

How to be a billionaire – the traits that the very wealthy share.  (Forbes)

China’s lack of a developed bond market will be a hindrance, they need their own Bill Gross.  (Bloomberg)

JPMorgan ($JPM) says the recovery and bull market are still in effect.  (PragCap)

What’s the last thing you want to see hovering around a bank branch these days?  How about vultures flying rings around SunTrust ($STI)?  (LOLFed)