Sunday Hot Links: Quotables

Stuff I’m Reading this Weekend…

Is Google running this as a Super Bowl commercial?  (Forbes)

Cutten: “This is what will doom the West to a stagflation that will mimic the long Japanese decline, their lost decades. It may not ultimately be resolved without social disorder.”  (CafeAmericain)

The Anal_yst: “The average American deserves protection not only from Wall Street, but also from himself.”  (TheAtlantic)

The SEC’s new whistleblower proposals would offer protection and monetary reward for fraud evidence.  (LAT)

Vigna: “A Return of Gumption.”  (DJMarketTalk)

The unions killed Greece, they are now working on Utah.  (Mish)

Book writing as minimum wage vocation.  Insane.  (TBP)

The latest from John Mauldin: “A Bubble In Search Of A Pin”.  (PragCap)

Goodwin: “Attention, New Yorkers: This is an emergency. Your government is collapsing.”  (NYP)