Hot Links: Stockmurder, Ketchup & Miranda Kerr

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The stockmurder and commodityrape that began yesterday continues, everything down overnight.  (Bloomberg)

Citigroup ($C) just launched a blog.  Here’s Vikram’s first video post.  I wonder if they’ll be running Google Adsense?  (Citi)

The first CEO to resign via Twitter tweet.  Yes, he’s a tech CEO.  (NYT)

BlackRock is now the 800 lb Gorilla, here’s a look at some of their holdings and filings.  (Morningstar)

Just in time!  California pension funds have plowed into commodity investing, after copper has quadruped and oil has doubled.  Perfect!  (Mish)

On the prospects of a T-Mobile IPO.  (DealBook)

Raymond James ($RJF) fined for raiding the brokerage of AG Edwards.  (WSJ)

Jay-Z and his commercial real estate deal that went sour.  (Dealbreaker)

Here are those GQ pics of Miranda Kerr that got the Aussie trader suspended the other day.  (GQ)

Heinz ($HNZ) launched a hit new product – a ketchup cup for dunking for those who don’t want to squeeze.  (NYP)