Hot Links: Peregrines Back on Top

from Smithsonian Magazine

from Smithsonian Magazine

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Abu Dhabi steps in with a $10 bil Dubai bailout, stocks rally around the world.  (Bloomberg)

The latest from Tall Paul Volcker, who’s come out of his shell finally.  (TBP)

Roubini sees the next bubble in the “barbarous metal” that is gold.  (Clusterstock) and (LOLFed)

10 Investment Themes for 2010.  (USAToday)

Citi‘s plan to exit TARP this week, Obama‘s sit down with the CEOs Plutocrats happens this morning.  (NYT)

Niall Ferguson‘s big An Empire At Risk piece everyone’s buzzing about.  (Newsweek)

Are we overusing the term Bubble?  (Forbes)

Peregrines, the fastest animals in the world, now run NYC from high atop the Empire State Building.  Rock on!  (Smithsonian)