Hot Links: We're All Bloggers Now

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Atrocious earnings from Bank of America to get the day started.  (NYT)

Steve Forbes: We’re All Bloggers Now.  Very cool way of looking at things, bravo Steve.  (Forbes)

Morningstar sees opportunity in Big Pharma stocks this year.  (Morningstar)

SBA makes its first small business loan of 2010.  (CNNMoney)

Meet James Gorman, the man who’s following Mack at Morgan Stanley.  (NYT)

David Merkel reviews Wealth, War & Wisdom, the new book by Barton Biggs.  (AlephBlog)

Eric Dash: Pandit‘s time for cleaning up Citi is running out. (DealBook)

“Brown’s win was a complete repudiation of ObamaCare.”  (Mish)

So there’s this breed of cat with a flat head and webbed feet that swims like a fish and they probably won’t exist for much longer.  (NewScientist)

Killer lineup at Coachella this year, with Vampire Weekend, De La Soul, Faith No More and Jay-Z (see below).  (LaughingSquid)

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