Hot Links: He Was Once a Little Green Ball of Clay…

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Hot Links for Saturday Reading…

Everyone will be buzzing about this one today: Hank Paulson blames Goldman for the AIG’s collapse.  (Bloomberg)

Paul Vigna: “Wake Up America”.  (DJMarketTalk)

The state of the apartment market – renters rule.  (CalculatedRisk)

Obama still has Geithner‘s back, even after the AIG hush-up emails.  (WSJ)

The S&P 500 just started the year with 5 straight up days.  How has the market done in prior years where this has happened?  (Bespoke)

Speaking of Obama, wait til you hear what the administration wants for our 401(k)s and IRAs.  (CafeAmericain)

The Leno Recession and how unions are screwing with late night tv.  (

Mish: “California is imploding right before our eyes.”  (MISH)

Barbarian Capital on how to prepare for inflation (hint: iTunes and Coke are not staples).  Awesome post.  (DavianLetter)

Art Clokey, creator of Gumby and Pokey, passes away at 89.  Godspeed.  (BoingBoing)