Ten Explanations for Why Obama is Still Backing Geithner

I don’t get it.  I could live with the Turbo Tax thing and I could even look past the fact that Geithner was already very much in an oversight role in New York during the banks’ leverage orgy…but the AIG emails were the last straw for me.

Apparently, the Change President has a much higher tolerance as Obama has publicly renewed his support for the scandal-plagued Treasury Secretary.  I figure there’s gotta be a hidden reason why at this point.  Here are my Top 10 speculations:

Ten Explanations for Why Obama is Still Backing Geithner

  1. Timmy has the VHS tape of Barack singing The Rose at his middle school talent show

  2. They slit their palms and swore a blood brothers oath that summer at Model UN Camp

  3. Obama’s kids think Timmy’s the House Elf from Harry Potter and would be devastated if he was fired

  4. Hasn’t gotten around to reading the incriminating emails himself, too busy bugging out to Avatar in IMAX 3D

  5. Thinks bailing out foreign banks like Societe Generale via AIG was a good move, diplomatically speaking

  6. Doesn’t care, the college kids will get out the Obama vote again in 2012 no matter which old white guy the GOP runs

  7. Has a soft spot for the underdog, calls Timmy The Little Bureaucrat That Could

  8. Likes the fact that Geithner makes the rest of his appointments look stellar by comparison

  9. Politics Rule #1: Always keep the Fall Guy around long enough until things improve

  10. Barack and Timmy are also a beach volleyball duo, firing him now would make things weird before the semi-finals

These are just some of my thoughts, feel free to throw out any explanations of your own.

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