Hot Links: Winter Wars


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

This was terrific: Leigh Drogen gives us preview of 2010’s stock market, economy and more.  (LeighDrogen)

Simon Johnson‘s Paul Volcker Finds a Hammer.  (Economix)

Credit Suisse gets a $500 million slap on the wrist for sending American Dollars to Iran.  (WallStCheatSheet)

Mish: Bernanke‘s TIME cover = Kiss of Death.  Here’s why:  (Mish)

3 stocks the insiders are buying.  (SmartMoney)

Greenspan out applauding the latest asset bubble.  (Bloomberg)

Tis the season for CEO turnover.  I have a few I’d like to see shown the door.  (Forbes)

Star Wars in Winter.  Just because.  (AcidCow)

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