Hot Links: In The Bunker

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The SEC hedge fund probe is going deeper.  (DealBook)

Classic Crudele: What Bernanke should answer for in his hearing today.  (NYP)

I’m making this one the post of the day: Carl Icahn talks activist investing with Robert Shiller‘s financial markets class at Yale.  (Greenbackd)

Get yourself up to speed and prepared for Friday’s big bad jobs report.  (PragCap)

William Cohan catches up with Lehman’s Dick Fuld in his bunker.  (DailyBeast)

Congrats to Bill Luby on 3 years of Vix And More, over 1 million visitors served!  (VixAndMore)

The NY Times is now laying off bloggers.  See, we are just like print journalists after all!  (NYObserver)

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