Hot Links: Obsolete


Late start this am, here’s what I’m reading:

Stocks, Oil rockin and rollin ahead of today’s Fed non-decision.  (Bloomberg)

Killer post: 12 M&A Deals That Will Happen in 2010.  (24/7WallStreet)

Volcker‘s Banking Innovation is a Joke tour continues:  Wake Up Gentlemen.  (BaselineScenario)

Bernanke named TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year.  Barry is utterly speechless.  (TBP)

SAC in the spotlight.  Not exactly thrilled about it.  (DealBook)

Online game company Zynga raises $180 million from Facebook‘s Russian backers.  (Clusterstock)

Do you know the difference between fast and slow knowledge?  (AbnormalReturns)

Stuff the 00’s decade made obsolete.  (NYMagprops Trader Mark

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