Hot Links: Epidemic of Awesomeness

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Props to Big Player Carlos Slim, who’s overtaken Bill Gates as the world’s richest man.  (Forbes)

Here are the stocks that only go up.  Great screen.  (SlopeOfHope)

3 Stocks that short-sellers are ganging up on.  (SmartMoney)

Chinese inflation measure hits a 16 month high – but by all means, keep stimulating.  (Bloomberg)

Heidi Montag’s umm, well-endowed PSA for credit card rights or something…who cares, just watch.  (LOLFed)

10 years after the tech bust, Amazon ($AMZN) has come the farthest.  (MarketBeat)

Why Apple ($AAPL) should just buy Adobe ($ADBE) already.  (TheAppleBlog)

A great breakdown of Jim Chanos’s 4 arguments for the China bear case.  (WallStCheatSheet)

A look at oil demand trends in Brazil, India and California yields an interesting observation.  (Gregor.US)

Barry calls BS on the “epidemic of laziness”.  (TBP)

It’s so obvious now: Diet soda caused the crash.  Awesome.  (TheFly)