Hot Links: Berlusconi Punched, S&P Rejiggered, Drug Loot Bailed Out Banks


Stuff I’m Reading on Sunday Afternoon…

Frank Rich: The George Clooney layoff movie (Up In The Air) is the perfect coda for a dark year.  (NYT)

Italian PM Berlusconi punched in the face like ten seconds ago by a protester.  (Guardian)

Big money in old skool kicks.  The ’85 Air Jordans are worth thousands.  (Forbes)

Cramer and Greenspan.  Together.  Talking economics.  OMFG.  (InfectiousGreed)

Economics Giant Paul Samuelson passed away.  (NYT)

Additions and subtractions to the S&P 500 announced.  Congrats to Green Mountain Coffee and Visa.  (24/7WallStreet)

Steven Sears on options strategies that may become popular in 2010.  (Barrons)

Twas drug money that saved the banks during the credit crisis, about a third of a trillion dollars worth.  (FelixSalmon)

The Fly takes a look back at the decade that was on The Street.   (iBankCoin)