Hot Links: Faber on Cramer, Kwak on Dimon & My Parents Were Awesome

my parents were awesome

from My Parents Were Awesome

Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Note To Jamie Dimon: Repeating Something Doesn’t Make it True – Kwak dismantles Big Bank Benefit Op-Ed. (BaselineScenario)

Corporate board rules under the new Dodd finance reform bill.  Important read for investors.  (TBP)

Two Madoff IT geeks arrested.  I say Hang ’em High, he couldn’t have done it without them.  (LAT)

China: A Superpower Stirs. (WSJ)

3 Things David Rosenberg Thinks on consumer, deflation and the Fed.  (PragCap)

NYT superstar and Too Big To Fail author Andrew Ross Sorkin does a Q & A with readers.  (NYT)

David FaberJim Cramer‘s Bear Call Second Worst Call of the Decade.  Brutal.  (Dealbreaker)

Ya know why so many American men suffer from ED?  How about from all the bottled water?  (NewScientist)

The new web phenomenon sweeping the nation:  My Parents Were Awesome.  (MyParentsWereAwesome)