Hot Links: Cramer Reverses on Trader Tax, Taleb in Exile & Flying Cars

The Autovolantor aka the Flying Ferrari

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Stocks set to rip at the open as Dubai gets the rearview mirror treatment and China posts big data.  (Bloomberg)

The Andrew Ross Sorkin op-ed on Dubai, A Financial Mirage in the Desert.  (NYT)

Our economic consequences for being fat slobs.  (InvestingCaffiene)

A guide to November’s stock buyback announcements, including Hewlett-Packard, AMD, Cisco, Google and Dr Pepper Snapple.  (24/7WallStreet)

As I predicted he would, Jim Cramer reverses himself on the Trader Tax.  (NYP)

Morgan Stanley strategist: 2010 is gonna suck for stocks.  (PragCap)

An $800 million deal in the oil patch this morning between SandRidge Energy and Forest Oil.  (DealBook)

NYC gangs are using Twitter to represent, organize brawls.  Ahh, technology…  (NYDailyNews)

Black Swan author Taleb goes into self-imposed exile because of Bernanke‘s reappointment.  (HuffPost)

As promised when we were kids, our flying cars are in the works.  ‘Bout time.  (CNNMoney)