Hot Links: Bear-baiting & Billboards


from 10 Steps

from 10 Steps


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Is a new National Sales Tax coming?  Econophile says yes, it’s inevitable.  (ZeroHedge)

Should Moody’s get the Arthur Anderson Treatment?  (Newsweek)

Great first line: “Yeah, so all that business about Roger Penske stepping in and rescuing clown car manufacturer Saturn? Not so much.”  (LOLFed)

Cramer‘s baiting the bears again.  (DealBook)

The same two culprits found in every bubble: Ignorance and Arrogance.  (Economix)

Curb your enthusiam for the AOL IPO.  (SiliconAlleyInsider)

Great discussion about blog aggregation with the master, Abnormal Returns’ Tadas Viskanta.  (WallStCheatSheet)

The resurrection of Old Media stocks.  (CNNMoney)

The 50 Coolest Billboards in the World.  (10Steps)