Hot Links: World of Seinfeld

jerry and george

Infographic by Ricky Linn

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Biggest gain in Chinese stocks in 6 months last night, Shanghai up 4.8% on the session.  (Bloomberg)

The age old debate about genes and income gets a great treatment by Mike Konczal.  (RortyBomb)

The latest Fed meeting minutes divined for your reading pleasure.  (NYT)

It’s that time again…annual report to shareholders theme-choosing!  Here are some themes to skip this year.  (Dix&Eaton)

Bank of America and it’s prospects for exiting the TARP.  (Fortune)

Thank you Ricky Linn for the World of Seinfeld chart.  Incredible!  (RickyCantDraw) and (FlowingData)