Hot Links: Insolvency, Google Facts & the TradeBot3000

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The Fly notes how cranky the Goldman TradeBot3000 must have been yesterday.  (iBankCoin)

Bank of America is now searching for CEOs in New York, could it be you they’re looking at?  (DealBook)

India’s central bank buys $6.7 billion worth of gold from the IMF.  (Bloomberg)

10 things you probably didn’t know about Google.  Very cool.  (Neatorama)

David Carr on why real-time is killing business journalism.  (NYT)

Take a look at how Goldman is trading the commodities markets:  (PragCap)

Ford and CIT demonstrate very different portraits of the recovery.  (InvestingContrarian)

10 reasons you sold stocks on March 9th, but not really 10.  (HowardLindzon)

The short case against Garmin (GRMN).  (Minyanville)

Ladies and Gentlemen, The United States is Insolvent.  (CafeAmericain)