Breakfast Links: Heidi Moore, Bill Clinton &


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Heidi Moore get’s her head handed to her by Matt Taibbi after her silly Goldman Defense…(TrueSlant)

Is Taibbi’s next conquest Charlie Gasparino and CNBC?  On Imus Radio?  (Clusterstock)

Mike Konczal on unemployment insurance, great post.  (Rortybomb)

Finally, an interesting stimulus handout:  Advanced batteries for cars.  (WSJ)

Bill Clinton is STILL the Man.  (NYP) tells you exactly when to go the bathroom during every movie.  (LA Times/ Nikki Finke)

Wall Street traders finding employment and opportunity outside of NY.  (Bloomberg)

We’re losing a great blogger to Washington DC.  Congrats to Brad Setser.  (Felix Salmon)

7 reasons to keep your dinosaur off the drugs.  (TheOatmeal)

Cartoon by Savage Chickens

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