Hot Links: Gartman, DeLong, Merkel & The Big Dogs

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On tap today:  New home sales, consumer confidence, the Richmond Fed.

The Fly is liking the refiners here.  (iBankCoin)

Commodities guru Dennis Gartman starting a new hedge fund.  (MarketFolly)

This is a non-story to me, but the Goldman trading huddles are now in the spotlight.  (Clusterstock)

Bernanke to get the nod from Obama, term two.  (NYT)

Which companies are repeat bankruptcy offenders?  Hell yeah Trump‘s on the list.  (Fortune)

Apple rules 5th Ave as the highest grossing retailer on the block.  (Bloomberg)

Good old-fashioned family feud in Alabama leads to a riot of 150 weapon-wielding lunatics.  Sweet Home.  (NYP)

Brad DeLong wonders why the NYT continues to publish Casey Mulligan.  (GraspingReality)

David Merkel on the Fed and financial reform.  (AlephBlog)

The biggest dogs in the world – cool list.  (TheRealOwner)