More Hot Links: Tightwad, Missouri

Tightwad, MO

Tightwad, MO

More Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Plan B: Starting your own business if job offers don’t come your way.  Very informative article.  (NYT)

John Hancock launches a mutual fund based on technical analysis.  (Bloomberg)

What the hell is going on with Porsche?  CEO’s house raided?  That VW thing not over yet.  (ZeroHedge)

The ridiculousness of Iceland’s Kaupthing Bank.  (UltimiBararorum)

The angriest baseball players of the last decade.  (Forbes)

How testosterone affects your trading skill.  (Clusterstock)

Interview with real estate mogul Richard Lefrak.  (NYT)

The 21 most oddly named places.  (