Hot Links: Dentists, Wheat Crops & the E*Trade Baby


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

World Index down 1.5% as of mid-day trading in London…does the pullback start today?  (Bloomberg)

Dentists feeling the pain of recession as people stop taking care of their teeth.  (Knowledge@Wharton)

Stepchild E*Trade being used as fodder for Citadel‘s high frequency trading ops, Ken Griffin adopting that cute baby from the commercials.  (Reuters)

Gene Epstein (Barron’s economist) was taken out back behind the woodshed this weekend.  (TBP)

Forbes interviews the Flashiest Trader, Joe Ratterman (founder of BATS).  (Forbes)

Interesting discussion, who would China’s pick be for our next Fed Chairman?  (JrDeputyAccountant)

Why is it taking so long for all those extra bank branches to close down and go away?  (DealBook)

This is amazing: The Religious Geography of the US, illustrated.  (FlowingData)

CO2 certainly is increasing the growth of the wheat crop, but what else is it doing?  (NewScientist)

District 9 was this weekend’s box office champ.  I called it.  (NYP)