Hot Links: Dentists, Wheat Crops & the E*Trade Baby

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… World Index down 1.5% as of mid-day trading in London…does the pullback start today?  (Bloomberg) Dentists feeling the pain of recession as people stop taking care of their teeth.  (Knowledge@Wharton) Stepchild E*Trade being used as fodder for Citadel‘s high frequency trading ops, Ken Griffin adopting that cute baby from the…

NY Post: Hedge Fund Turnaround Cheat Sheet

Your average passively-managed 401k account probably saw anywhere from 20 to 40% returns since February and is most likely flat to modestly positive on the year.  People close to retirement are not throwing a parade just yet, but still, things have obviously gotten…umm…less grim. How have the Masters of the Universe done, though? The New…

Hedgies Still Hearing "Redemption Song"

[youtube=] “Redemption Calls“, sung to the tune of Bob Marley‘s Redemption Song. Old clients, yes they call I ask me for the NAV. Minutes after I sold stock, into a bottomless pit. But my fund was made strong by the black box it was built on. We trade in this generation, leveraged to the gills….