Hot Links: NFL Injuries, Bill Miller's "Comeback" & the Second Depression

sausageHot Links for Morning Reading…

Thanks to The Pragmatic Capitalist for taking on that Barron’s Bill Miller piece.  You’re exactly right.  (PragCap)

The Thomas Palley Second Great Depression piece everyone will be talking about today.  (FT)

Big Story: How the online shopping monster can kill the recovery.  (NYP)

Fire sale at Blackstone: Up to 8 of their company holdings on the block.  (DealBook)

Barry’s doing a bunch of stuff lately on the influence of corporate lobbying on legislation.  Check it: (TheBigPicture)

Size Really Does Matter for ETFs.  (AbnormalReturns)

Santoli: What the mavericks think of this rally.  Great article.  (Barrons)

Citigroup faces fine over trying to impersonate UBS by offering tax-evasion-as-a-service.  (CNNMoney)

Malcolm Gladwell on injuries in the NFL.  Scary stuff.  (NewYorker)